Monday, 7 January 2008

I love my new work mates

Working at the University of Birmingham means I get to work with the loveliest, funniest, most handsome and beautiful colleagues in the land of schools liaison. There's Thom, a young hunk of raw manhood; Carolyn, a delicate and pretty flower; and Ansar, the epitome of talent and masculinity. They're great. I love them. Coming to work these days is like looking forward to a fabulous holiday in some kind of paradise. I often find myself skipping with joy on my journey to work, and at the end of the day it's so hard to leave them behind.


Friday, 4 January 2008

Reading material

Anyone interested in politics (particularly the last decade of British politics), but also who likes reading, should have a go on this: The Ghost by Robert Harris. I've never read him before but this is compelling ... see it here

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year, new blog

This is a lovely Christmas house near us in Brum. Mmmm.

Well. That was 2007. Not very successful in terms of blogging; perhaps I will try harder this year. Even reading back to my first entries makes me cringe though. Better when I don't write about myself really :) ... fat chance of that happening though. Which is why I found it so easy to give up making entries ...

It's the 2nd of January 2008. I was being a bit reflective yesterday - thinking about the year 2K as we all said, how eighties! - and all the hullabaloo there was about the end of the century, and the so-called inevitable collapse of all software - which never happened. Funny to think that was 8 years ago and I was a mere 32 with no idea what the next few years would bring - an acrimonious separation and a life of moving and changing jobs after years of being settled in London. I didn't predict that my ex (who never wanted children with me) would go on to have children with someone else. I didn't predict that at 40 I'd still have none. I especially didn't predict moving to Birmingham - a place that wouldn't have crossed my mind in my lifetime I think if circumstances hadn't made it happen.

I have to say though that Birmingham is great. Full of interest and character, and not being the financial centre means it's still got its own communities and isn't filled with yuppy like (ooh, there's the eighties again) people just trying to make money and move on. It's less crowded, it's historic, it's interesting and in social flux, it's mixed economically, socially, industrially. It's emerging. It's attractive and ugly and fascinating. It's like London was for me when I first got there. And we were able to buy a house here, which was out of the question in London.

On the subject of London though, can I just recommend the video (available widely in trainspotter shops) of the 'Driver's Eye View of the Northern Line', which is wicked. Christmas present bonanza!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Cider kegs and farmers' legs

I have leg problems today. I blame it on the cider I drank yesterday at the Ludlow Food Festival - something called Foxwhelp (or some such) served by a man with a beard up to his eyes. Shortly after this my legs lost rigidity and they haven't recovered.

Saw the lovely folk from Fordhall farm at the fair and bought their books about the fight they have gone through to keep their farm (in the family for 700 years) from the developers and the neighbouring Muller factory. A real 'power to the people' story. Well done you Hollins'. If you are interested in finding out more about them have a look here.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Something sparkly for Sunday night

The first time I've had 'Eek - Monday morning' feeling for a while. Start new job tomorrow - wish me luck. Will gaze at this lovely sparkly thing to take my mind off the nerves.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


I have been quite bad at this blog lark recently, but life hasn't been at its most exciting what with being out of work for a while. Here's a quick update on events over the last two months:

* I was 40 - all I have to say is that post-event is better than pre-event
* My mum was 60 - and still looks 20 years younger
* We got an allotment (not me and my mum; me and the other half), the produce of which you see above
* Our mortgage rate went up a hundred times and we got increasingly poorer. Soon we will have to live only on current allotment produce: beans, potatoes and beetroot. Our house will not be fragrant.
* We had visits from both sets of parents (or 2/3 sets - there are step parents on both my mum's and dad's sides), a couple of friends, brother-in-law and girlfriend, and an unexpected stay of other half's boss during the floods in Worcestershire
* I wallpapered, stripped/filled/painted and generally DIY'd my way round the house, not all of it successful and much of it unfinished ...
* I was interviewed for, and offered a job, which starts next week
* We went to one wedding, one birthday party, the Big Chill, the dentist (combined 4 times), two car servicings and a summer garden party
* Other half passed MRCP Part II

Meanwhile, the weeds grow and we hoe and watch the foxes prowling round the lottie. The mind is at peace.

Friday, 20 July 2007

A lovely day out

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my friend Cheryl, whom I've known for 7 weeks only but who is fabulous and great fun to be with. We ate at a vegan/vege place in Brum, the most yummy food, walked around the Bullring feeling bloated, chatted and had a really lovely time. In the course of 10 minutes in the shopping centre, I was offered eyebrow threading and a 2 minute makeover - I'm not sure what this is saying about me. However, this friendship is the one good thing to have come out of recent times and makes me feel slightly more positive about it all.

On a less reflective note, I've got an interview on 1 August, which is great news. That and my tax rebate are just about keeping me in the style to which I've become accustomed (sequin curtains - regardez the beauty). Since almost all my rebate will go on my share of the mortgage it seemed churlish not to get these when they were half price.
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